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Is a powerful Immune Tonic & Adaptogen, that strengthens the immune system and counteracts the effects of stress.

Benefits of MYIMMUNE+:
• enhances both systemic and cellular immunity
• relieves fatigue
• improves memory
• lowers cholesterol
• relieves inflammation
• prevents accelerated ageing
• helps with eliminating oxidative stress
• powerful immune enhancing properties may assist with the side effects associated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

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One of the most effective immunity enhancing supplements around.

MYIMMUNE+ a powerful Immune Tonic & Adaptogen, which means, it counteracts the effects of stress on the body. Formulated from a proprietary blend of herbal extracts, MYIMMUNE+
enhances both systemic and cellular immunity whilst reducing stress. Additionally, MYIMMUNE+ will assist with fatigue, memory, cholesterol, inflammation, accelerated aging, and oxidative stress.
The powerful immune enhancing properties of MYIMMUNE+ are further indicated to assist with the side effects associated with Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.


Take 1 capsule twice daily
With radiotherapy or chemotherapy, 6 capsules daily.


Ganoderma lucidum, Cordyceps sinensis, Astragalus mon


Wings Herbal Product Range: These products have been selected to treat a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions related to Stress & Inflammation and target the primary triggers of long term illness; STRESS, ANXIETY, INFLAMMATION and LOW IMMUNITY.  An elevated feeling of well being, good sleep, ease of movement and flexibility all contribute to powering up one’s immune system enabling your own natural coping and defense mechanisms to activate, simultaneously boosting mental and physical well being to the next level.


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