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Resist: Immune Booster – Panaxea 60 Caps


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In stock

I am so excited to have found this amazing product which I am going to go on right now! It’s called RESIST and is fantastic for the winter (actually, anytime) – here’s what it’s for:

• Immune-deficiency disorders
• Recurrent infections
• Fatigue
• Weak digestion from compromised immunity
• Post-viral diseases (and post-viral fatigue syndrome)
• Glandular fever
• Post-operative surgery
• Adjunct to chemotherapy


Resist has an impressive list of 17 of the most powerful immune-modulating herbs on the planet. No yeast, dairy, corn, soya etc etc (no nasties at all) – it’s a very “clean” and impressive product – it is known as a “gold label” product.

This product supports immune function in the following organs:
• Lung
• Liver
• Kidneys
• Spleen
• Thymus
• Entire gastro-intestinal tract
• Has a very beneficial effect on the microbiome – the seat of immunity

It also has these impressive actions:
• Enhances innate and adaptive immune systems
• Increases white blood cell production
• Prevents viral reproduction (anti-viral)
• Speeds recovery from viral and bacterial infections
• Inhibits tumour growth
• Improves respiratory function

Dose is 2-3 capsules a day: 60 capsules per container

Warning: NOT to be used if:
• Experiencing an acute bout of flu or cold – use before or after, not during
• You are a transplant patient