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Health E-Nuts & Bolts No Sweat Nutrition Course – Module 2




What does this 2nd Module offer?

Like the first part, this module is for everyone who wishes to know the basics of good, scientific health and nutrition without studying a full correspondence course, because that would be more than you want to achieve at this time. Like the first one, it’s for you if you want to know:

  • How to feed yourself and your family in a really healthy way
  • Get your health back by learning about good nutrition (and applying it)
  • The difference between myths and facts
  • The way to supplement safely and correctly
  • Which foods harm and which foods heal
  • How to sort „pseudo‟ nutrition from the real thing
  • How to follow a healthy lifestyle by learning the basics
  • How to „test‟ yourself for various deficiencies & illnesses, and what to do
  • Thumbnail strategies for common ailments – just enough to know what it is, what to do about it – and how to go about correcting it – some of the Module 2 ones are longer than Module 1
  • Simple solutions to equip you to live more healthily in this very toxic world
  • Recommended reading if you wish to explore a topic further
  • In fact you want to know just a little about a whole lot of things– such as amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, GMO foods, good and bad foods, food comparisons, supplementation, general healthy living, quick and healthy recipes, tips, health facts and how the “healthy half” live.

NEW ADDITIONS to this Module:

  • Video clips
  • Suggested websites
  • Book reviews of fabulous books
  • Downloads where possible
  • More recipes in each module