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In accordance with our President’s orders we will be on lockdown here for 21 days from Thursday. In order to fulfil all the orders we are currently processing so that they can be delivered before Friday we will have to close this online store at lunchtime today (Tuesday 24th). Couriers will not be operating from Friday for three weeks and so Thursday will be their last chance to deliver and we are urgently trying to fulfil all orders in time.

Take care over the next 21 days – it’s for our own good. Watch my Facebook page for updates: the store will open again some time before the lockdown ends so that the couriers can begin again as soon as they are allowed to. Please do not phone our offices – the phone has not stopped – you are free to email us at

Stay safe! Try to enjoy your lockdown.

Blessings to you all and thank you SO MUCH for your ongoing support.
Sally-Ann Creed

Health E-Nuts & Bolts No Sweat Nutrition Course – Module 1




This is a course for everyone who wishes to know the basics of good, scientific health and nutrition without studying a full correspondence course, because that would be more than you want to achieve at this time. It’s for you if you want to know:

  • How to feed yourself and your family in a really healthy way
  • Get your health back by learning about good nutrition (and applying it)
  • The difference between myths and facts (e.g. which is healthy – butter or margarine?)
  • The way to supplement safely and correctly
  • Which foods harm and which foods heal
  • How to sort ‘pseudo’ nutrition from the real thing
  • How to follow a healthy lifestyle by learning the basics
  • How to ‘test’ yourself for various deficiencies, illnesses and what to do
  • Thumbnail strategies for common ailments – just enough to know what it is, what to do about it – and how
  • Simple solutions to equip you to live more healthily in this very toxic world
  • Recommended reading if you wish to explore a topic further