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E-Evaluation with 3-month Support



This is the same as a Health E-Evaluation, but with follow-up for the period of 3 months following the report in order to offer on-going health support during this time. The cost of this package is R4650.00 and allows you to email me once every 3-4 weeks for 3 months from the date of your report. Because the body generally takes roughly 3 months to change and respond this option is especially recommended for chronic illness and long-standing health problems.

What the evaluation offers:

  • A full questionnaire which will request a medical history among other things
  • Help sorting through current health issues and protocols
  • Dietary advice and an eating plan if appropriate
  • Targeted supplement suggestions
  • Symptom analysis to check for nutritional deficiencies
  • Some diagnostic clinical tests if appropriate (blood, saliva, stool etc)
  • Informational books and websites are recommended where applicable
  • Help “connecting the dots” in an innovative way that others may have missed
  • Holistic, safe recommendations using natural remedies and dietary strategies
  • Full confidentiality

What the evaluation does not offer

  • Long term follow up/monitoring (however this can be arranged but will cost extra)
  • Medical advice, firm diagnosis, ‘treatment’, claims, promises of a ‘cure’ or a substitute for medical advice
  • Advice about medications – however there may be times where information can be given for you to follow up on and make decisions about with your doctor/pharmacist