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E-Evaluation for 3-4 Family Members



Here you can include your whole family! So basically you could have up to FOUR members of your family fully assessed with reports. The family members will be children and parents, and must stay in the same house (ie. mother, father and two children). It’s a fact that a family who undertake to address their health status together have the most success in bringing about lasting change for the whole family. The cost of this package is R6,500.00.

What the evaluation offers:

  • A full questionnaire which will request a medical history among other things
  • Help sorting through current health issues and protocols
  • Dietary advice and an eating plan if appropriate
  • Targeted supplement suggestions
  • Symptom analysis to check for nutritional deficiencies
  • Some diagnostic clinical tests if appropriate (blood, saliva, stool etc)
  • Informational books and websites are recommended where applicable
  • Help “connecting the dots” in an innovative way that others may have missed
  • Holistic, safe recommendations using natural remedies and dietary strategies
  • Full confidentiality

What the evaluation does not offer

  • Long term follow up/monitoring (however this can be arranged but will cost extra)
  • Medical advice, firm diagnosis, ‘treatment’, claims, promises of a ‘cure’ or a substitute for medical advice
  • Advice about medications – however there may be times where information can be given for you to follow up on and make decisions about with your doctor/pharmacist