Coconut Oil Organic in Glass Jar

/Coconut Oil Organic in Glass Jar

Coconut Oil Organic in Glass Jar



500ml – R159

1litre – R295

Best quality organic coconut oil – superb for LOW CARB COOKING.

Our Coconut Oil is: Always packed in glass, always organic, always extra-virgin

Has been shown to offer a unique and wide range of benefits:

•    Raises the healthy “good” HDL cholesterol
•    Mobilises fat stores, assisting in weight loss
•    Provides extra energy for athletes
•    Is a very healthy, stable saturated fat
•    Helps athletic performance
•    Shown to assist in weight loss due to the MCTs present
•    Evidence for use in Alzheimer’s patients

Only organic extra-virgin, untreated coconut oil is going to achieve these benefits

Ours is the highest quality

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250ml glass jar, 500ml glass jar, 1 litre glass jar