Braai Spice Hot Spice Non-Irradiated 50g

This Hot Braai Spice is made solely of herbs and spices (mostly organic where possible, otherwise all non-irradiated) and are of the highest quality and purity. Perfect for the braai meat, but also great on roasts and grilled meats. It gives the most heavenly flavour and aroma. Watch the neighbours don’t start ‘popping in’ when you get the Weber out.

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Aren’t you tired of these irradiated herbs and spices, the MSG, chemicals and all the other gunky fillers that go into the commercial stuff you buy (like cornflour, soy, flour etc)? I am, so instead I decided to put onto my range my own recipe which is probably the most delicious thing in this line you will taste.

This Hot Braai Spice is delicious and suitable for those who enjoy a bit of a bite. Once you taste purity like this, you will never buy the commercial ones again.

Ingredients include:

parsley, black pepper, chilli, salt, garlic, onion, oregano, paprika, cayenne, cumin


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