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Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate




May I introduce you with great excitement and enthusiasm to my new chocolates from my special, secret recipe which has taken over a year to formulate. They are the FIRST chocolates in the country to contain a wonderful BRAND NEW no-carb sweetener called Lo-Han – new to South Africa, and not used in any other products here.  This is a FIRST for this country and the taste is out of this world. The cacao comes from ONE farm in Africa, free-trade, good to the environment and the workers, non-GMO, NO chemicals or pesticides and ticks all the right boxes.  Plus.. .it is the most delicious, smooth and PURE chocolate I have ever tasted.

This chocolate is simplicity itself – I have not added dozens of superfoods, flavourings, or gimmicks – it’s chocolate, and REAL chocolate needs to frills.  It’s so PURE it’s scary – made from the freshest cacao bean and tempered to perfection – not just melted down couverture like virtually all the other chocolate (which is not really chocolate) you get today.  This is the REAL deal – by an expert chocolatier.

Bean-to-Bar Chocolate by Sally-Ann Creed:

  • Has just 4 grams carbs per 100g
  • Packed with polyphenolic compounds, magnesium, antioxidants
  • No sprays or chemicals whatsoever (uncertified organic)
  • Is not harming the planet
  • Fair-trade – the workers are well paid
  • The cacao plant arrives and in under three weeks it is in a bar!
  • Has the amazing Lo-Han present for sweetening – no carbs, and a healthy sweetener
  • Made by a qualified, master European chocolatier
  • No frills – just chocolate!
  • GMO-free, pesticide and chemical free
  • No hydrogenation
  • Banting, Paleo, AIP, GAPS, Diabetic – it is a health food in a snack

This Bean-To-Bar chocolate comes in plain Dark 70% and Almond Dark 70%.  I am so excited at the purity of this chocolate, I don’t think anything like this has been seen here before.  We worked for a year on this chocolate and I have a secret patented recipe now that belongs to me – nobody will be able to copy my secret recipe and I cannot WAIT to share them with you!


My brief was PURITY, it had to embrace free trade, a single farm, they had to be good to the workers, the farm needed to be free of pesticides, and it had to be bean-to-bar in THREE weeks from picking, not 3 years like most chocolate on the shelves – and it had to be made by an expert highly-trained chocolatier with credentials – not someone who just melts down bought toxic chocolate couverture.  That’s what most chocolate is, and in fact a lot of chocolate is not even strictly chocolate – it doesn’t meet the definition!  Cheap chocolate doesn’t even have cocoa present in some instances, just the dangerous hydrogenated palm fat with sugar or sweeteners, and chemical flavourants.  (I will NEVER do this!) It had to have NO sugar, NO chemicals, NO hydrogenated fat, NO fake antioxidants or anything else – it had to be REAL chocolate as made by chocolatiers centuries ago.