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AV/AT is known as the “WORLD’S BEST ANTI-VIRAL FORMULA”. This is really a remarkable product that I have found invaluable when a virus threatens – even to clear the symptoms of a long-standing virus. It is indicated often for:
• Viral Infections
• Influenza
• Epstein-Barr Virus
• Infective Hepatitis
• Clears Viral Load

I like to use the AV/AT together with Antibiobotanical for the best results. You will so often not need an antibiotic at all if you use these two as together this powerful ‘team’ of natural medicines do the trick.

Whereas AntiBioBotanical targets bacterial infections, AV/AT is the world’s best antiviral formula and targets viruses. Viral infections, influenza, fever, sore throat and URTI. Real influenza is marked by great fatigue, body ache, strong chills and/or high fever. These signs are markedly different from the common cold, which is less severe and less debilitating.

The brilliant formulation of AV/AT contains extracts from three of the very best anti-virals:
Andrographis paniculata, Taraxacum mongolicum and Lonicera japonica – recent studies indicate their effectiveness in SARS and even H5N1 Avian Flu. Andrographis has also been shown to have a powerful effect on the drug-resistant gram-negative superbug, Pseudomonas aeruginosa. It’s a horrible bug that is often picked up under anaesthetic. Sadly I can personally testify to having picked this up many years ago – but I keep it under control and have so far beaten it.

AV/AT Andrographolide is an anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancing compound. Its anti-inflammatory properties are due to the stimulation of adrenocortical hormone release and ACTH secretion. Immunostimulatory activity of andrographolide is evidenced by increased proliferation of lymphocytes and production of interleukin-2.

AV/AT Taraxasterol (Tx) effectively improved lung index, biomarkers and inflammatory mediators such as prostaglandin E2 and phospholipase A2. It reversed the elevated biomarkers to the control levels from the infection and results suggest that there is a protective effect of against H1N1-induced pneumonia.

Chlorogenic Acid (CA) is a phenolic natural product and structurally it is the ester of caffeic acid with the 3-hydroxyl group of quinic acid. CA has wide anti-viral and anti-bacterial effects. It has obvious anti-infectious effects, and does not lead to anti-microbial resistance.

Research and test results of this product have led to several peer-reviewed articles in medical journals.

2 capsules 2-3 times a day depending on severity.


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