5 Month Low-Carb Healthy Fat Course

/5 Month Low-Carb Healthy Fat Course

5 Month Low-Carb Healthy Fat Course




I developed this course shortly after writing The Real Meal Revolution for people needing to lose weight and get healthier in the process.  Many people battle to lose weight and don’t realise that there are certain underlying factors they’ve never been told about – and that is why they don’t lose weight.  This is a LCHF correspondence course which will take you through the LCHF weight loss journey from start to finish as you put into practice all you learn, as you learn it. It incorporates the following:
·         Information on how to lose weight – this plan works for everyone and is great for diabetics too
·         Information on why this plan works, a little bit of science (don’t worry, not too much!  It will be very understandable for everyone – you won’t need a degree to understand the simple way this is presented, I promise)
·         Eating plan and diet
·         Menu ideas
·         Recipes with every lesson – to help you on your way
·         Optional: Blood reports ordered & read by Sally-Ann (Lessons 1 & 5) followed by a report and suggestions per person regarding these blood tests
·         A certificate of completion at the end of the course for those who qualify