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  • 500ml Best quality organic coconut oil - superb for LOW CARB COOKING. Our Coconut Oil is: Always packed in glass, always organic, always extra-virgin Has been shown to offer a unique and wide range of benefits: •    Raises the healthy “good” HDL cholesterol •    Mobilises fat stores, assisting in weight loss •    Provides extra energy for athletes •    Is a very healthy, stable saturated fat •    Helps athletic performance •    Shown to assist in weight loss due to the MCTs present •    Evidence for use in Alzheimer’s patients Only organic extra-virgin, untreated coconut oil is going to achieve these benefits Ours is the highest quality
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    No preservatives this oil comes from Iceland and provides omega-3 essential fatty acids, real vitamin A and Vitamin D3 Ingredients: Cod liver oil, a natural lemon flavour, natural peppermint oil and vitamin E.   Refrigerate after opening.  
  • 60 Capsules This oil has a high TOTOX score, which measures oxidation, offering fresh, pure omega-3 fish oil. Delivered in its natural Triglyceride form (TG) as nature intended, it boasts a potent dose of EPA and DHA in each capsule. These fish live wild in a pristine environment where they eat a natural diet and are free. This environment is carefully managed and monitored to ensure fishing is done sustainably and responsibility.
  • 60 x 1000mg softgels - 120 x 1000mg softgels  Pharmaceutical-grade, ultra-refined and extra-pure, this fish oil is free from mercury, PCBs, DDT and dioxins.  Powerful action as follows, and may assist in the following conditions: •    Treatment of ADHD •    Improvement in memory function •    Relieving aching joints and arthritis •    Calming and improving mood levels •    Powerful anti-inflammatory agent •    Helps asthmatics •    Improves thermogenesis (fat burning) •    Corrects essential fatty acid deficiency The Omega-3 Solution pharmaceutical grade fish oil is over 80% active and one of the strongest oils on the SA market MCC Registration Dosage: 2-3 per day