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  • 1. ONLINE: Special offers do not apply to orders placed prior to the special going live and being posted here – nor to those placed after the special is removed – OR WHILE STOCKS LAST. You will need to pay immediately to qualify for any special offers. 2. NO COLLECTION: Special offers apply to ONLINE orders ONLY, NO collections 3. PAYMENT METHOD: We DO accept debit and credit cards and EFT. We do NOT accept cash deposits.  PAYMENT FOR SPECIAL OFFERS MUST BE MADE WITHIN 48 HOURS OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED.  4. PAYMENT ADVICE: PLEASE STATE YOUR ORDER NUMBER FIRST ON YOUR PAYMENT if paying by EFT.  Without your ORDER NUMBER we CANNOT TRACE YOUR ORDERS.  Your ORDER NUMBER appears on your proforma invoice. 5. DELIVERY DATE: Please do not ask for your order to be delivered on any particular day during a special offer – we send them out as soon as we can. We cannot keep orders for later delivery so please make special arrangements to receive the order if you won’t be here. [Normal retail orders (at normal prices) take priority]. 6. PROFORMA INVOICE: You will receive a proforma invoice where it will advise you that your order will take 4-5 days max from date of payment reflecting in our account. It is frequently less than this – BUT WITH SPECIAL OFFERS THIS DELAY will be longer depending on response time. 7. ONE SPECIAL OFFER PER ORDER & COURIER: Please note there is ONE special per order unless otherwise stated. You can choose one of each special if there is more than one special offer under this category. If you would like a second special offer product, please place another order (you may order as many times as you wish) but EACH ORDER attracts a R70 (incl) flat rate courier fee delivered to your door if under R1000. If your order is over R1,001 your COURIER IS FREE! You may place as many orders as you wish, but each needs to be a separate order. 8. SPECIAL OFFERS are found ONLY in the SPECIAL OFFER CATEGORY 9. DELAYS: Your orders MAY take LONGER to reach you due to load shedding, holidays or weekends. Please be patient and please do not continually ask us when it will arrive. We go as fast as we can. 10. TERMINATION: We reserve the right to terminate special offers and remove them at any time without notice. 11. LOCAL ONLY: All special offers apply to South Africa only. If you order from outside of South Africa, get it sent to a friend locally who can send it on to you. 12. AGREEMENT: By ordering from this online store you automatically agree to abide by and observe these terms and conditions fully.