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Our Sally-Ann Creed Survey

To help us give you the best information and service, we’ve put together a survey where you’re able to share more about yourself, so that we can offer better advice on our Facebook page and website. There’s even a little gift when you finish!

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International Diploma in Nutritional Supplementation

Diet Plans

I am NOT in favour of fad diets, crash diets or anything that is unhealthy or extreme in any way, especially in the long term. However, losing just a few kilos would make all the difference to how we feel.

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Health Evaluations

I offer an in-depth Health Evaluation where I will, after completing a full assessment, send you a personalised report within 14 days – all done via email.

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International Diploma in Nutritional Supplementation

Health Courses

I offer various courses tailored to your specific needs. After a 1-on-1 consultation, I will provide a bespoke course just for you.

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