Health Evaluation, My Opinion & Tests

Would you like to improve your health and nutritional status? Well here’s how I can help you. I receive a vast amount of letters requesting my help every day and though I would love to help everyone, due to time constraints it has become impossible to do this free of charge, as it takes an enormous amount of time and often research to help you in a responsible and ethical manner. Many people write asking me for my opinion on a product, a diet, book, eating plan doing the rounds or topical subject – this all takes time to reply to. So I have developed a system which I hope you will find helpful.

Here are the ways I can offer to help you:


R1 630.00

You may choose an in-depth Health Evaluation where I will send you a personalised report within 14 days after full assessment (all done via email). This option is R1,630.00. Email follow up is offered to chart your progress within 2 weeks after the report has been sent, thereafter the replies will be billed by the hour – but generally one report is comprehensive enough, with the follow up email, to sort out any problems. This system is also good for finding out which nutrients you are lacking, and to obtain a basic understanding of your nutritional status, support your general health and deal with long-standing health issues.

E-Evaluation with 3-month Support

R4 650.00

This is the same as above, but with follow-up for the period of 3 months following the report in order to offer on-going health support during this time. The cost of this package is R4650.00 and allows you to email me once every 3-4 weeks for 3 months from the date of your report. Because the body generally takes roughly 3 months to change and respond this option is especially recommended for chronic illness and long-standing health problems.

E-Evaluation for 3-4 Family Members

R6 500.00

Here you can include your whole family! So basically you could have up to FOUR members of your family fully assessed with reports. The family members will be children and parents, and must stay in the same house (ie. mother, father and two children). It’s a fact that a family who undertake to address their health status together have the most success in bringing about lasting change for the whole family.

Tests and Reports


For those wishing to see me personally or who do an E-Evaluation, if blood tests are ordered by me I will happily read them as part of the fee – there will be no additional charge. The same applies to tests supplied as part of an E-Evaluation. If however, during any time tests are requested by the patient for themselves outside of this arrangement, I shall provide the forms with the requested blood tests, stool tests, saliva test etc and read and report on them by email for R550,00. Blood tests and any other tests though, will need to be paid by you to the pathology lab used.

In-depth online health assessment – My Promise

For all the above assessments, tests and opinions, all information will always be treated as confidential.  Your email address will never be given to or sold to anyone else for any reason whatsoever at any time.  All information is treated in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with anyone.