Low Carb Real Food Course

9 Week “short”





R675.oo incl VAT

This is a course I wrote for people who want a quick, straight-forward, fun and easy way to enter the world of LCHF – it’s not heavy, but will give you a good place to start.

As a co-author of The Real Meal Revolution – and the Nutritional expert on the book – I am in a unique position to help you understand the LCHF or ‘banting’ lifestyle.

I am the original author of the ‘Banting Diet’ as you know it, and wrote this course shortly after the book was published.  I’ve now fine-tuned it into a version that will be easy to understand and apply without being too wordy – it’s punchy and to the point without fluff.

What to expect:

  1. The course is a correspondence course, you will only go online to look up links on the internet I give you – everything else is sent to you.
  2. LCHF in A Nutshell – literally the “how to” in order to achieve healthy weight loss and good health
  3. Recipes – my own personal favourites
  4. You will have Meal Plans to follow if you wish to
  5. Please note: There is no certification for this inexpensive version, it’s merely for you personally – to enhance your knowledge of the LCHF lifestyle. If you want a more in-depth course, do the 6-month LCHF Course, which will give you a certificate of completion.

What it qualifies you for:

Simply to know much more about the real food, LCHF lifestyle.  It doesn’t qualify you to coach or practice or anything like that – this course is essentially LCHF with attitude – I pull no punches and give you the full truth.  No tippy-toeing around the subjects that might offend – TRUTH is important to your health, and if others have vested interests and won’t tell you the whole truth, I will.  My absolute, all-consuming, over-riding passion is TRUTH above all else.  It is one of my core values, and I believe we need to help others with dignity, compassion and empathy – so many struggle with this lifestyle.  I have 23 years of experience in LCHF and health – I did this decades before it became “famous” – and believe me I know what works and what doesn’t.

I’ve discovered that there are 2 types of LCHF enthusiasts: the purists, and the not-too-fussed ones.  I’m pretty purist in all I do – but even if you aren’t a purist, you can adapt this.  However, I’ll give you the 100% PURE version and you can take it from there.

Please note regarding the content – you may NOT to pass this on to anyone without paying for it – it is my intellectual property and therefore copyright material. I have specially made this a very affordable price so everyone can benefit.

Here are a few questions and subjects which will be tackled:

  • The Basics will be covered, naturally
  • Myths and Truth
  • What LCHF/banting actually is….
  • Why some things are not banting
  • Brief explanation of fat, carbs and protein and a bit more to help you understand the part they play (NO heavy science, I promise!)
  • Meal plans to get you into the feel of how to do this (no fancy recipes here though – but there will be recipes included for your enjoyment)
  • Is vegetarian LCHF ok? Is it possible? If so, how?
  • Some important nutrients to consider when Low-carbing
  • Sweeteners – get around the sugar trap and see how EASY it is to stop sugar (this is not rocket science….)
  • The pH theory and others
  • What about my Cholesterol?
  • Alcohol
  • Reading list
  • Some videos to enjoy, plus websites and articles

And more….