Low-Carb Healthy Fat Course

5 Month Low-Carb

Healthy Fat




R3100.00 incl  VAT.

This is a more in-depth low-carb, healthy fat course, which gives you 5 in-depth lessons over a 6 month period, and much more material to get your teeth into, complete with websites, links, videos etc.

This is the only original “banting” course written from which all the other courses you will see have actually been taken.  It is a correspondence course which you can do at your leisure, developed by myself for people needing to lose weight and get healthier in the process.  Many people battle to lose weight and don’t realise that there are certain underlying factors they’ve never been told about – and that is why they don’t lose weight.  This LCHF course is a hands-on (by you) correspondence course which will take you through the LCHF weight loss journey from start to finish as you put into practice all you learn, as you learn it. It incorporates the following:

  • Information on how to lose weight – this plan works for everyone and is great for diabetics too
  • Information on why this plan works with a little bit of science (don’t worry, not too much!  It will be very understandable for everyone – you won’t need a degree to understand the simple way this is presented, I promise)
  • Eating plan and diet
  • Menu ideas
  • Recipes with every lesson – to help you on your way
  • Optional: Blood reports ordered & read by Sally-Ann (Lessons 1 & 5) followed by a report and suggestions per person regarding these blood tests
  • A certificate of completion at the end of the course for those who qualify

 Some feedback on the LCHF course from the 100’s of emails received:

  • “I have always loved bread, pasta, and anything with carbs, but magically I feel that I have cut the craving and have not touched any of it for the past 5 weeks and am fine with that. The rest of my family still eat it so it is in the house but does not bother me. I am on my 6th week of following this 5-month LCHF course strictly and have seen the following changes:
  • My sleeping has improved – no longer waking at 3am and lying awake for hours trying to get back to sleep. This used to happen 5 nights out of 7.
  • I no longer use my asthma pump AT ALL – I had started waking in the middle of the night, every night to use my pump as my chest had closed. My pump is now gathering dust.
  • My nails have strengthened and grown – didn’t expect that!
  • Have lost 3 kgs – started at 62kg and now 59kg mainly from the tummy area.
  • Have energy all day, even late afternoon, to the delight of my 10 year old son.
  • I am determined to stick to this for the sake of my long-term health.  Thanks for all of the wonderful information!!
  • I would say the LCHF programme is worth staying on for life! My blood pressure has come down to 117/78 so I have cut my Zetomax down to 10mg. I’m delighted with this result!!
  • Sally-Ann – thank you for the best and most exciting information I think I’ve ever studied. I’m on Lesson 4, but am terrified I’ll be disappointed when this comes to an end, I want it to go on for much longer. Thank you thank you thank you for this – it’s changed my life and probably saved it!”

 Best of all – you do it from home, receive your information via email, and never have to attend a single class!

Email us at pa@sallyanncreed.co.za for more information.