GLUTAMINE has been shown to be valuable for so many different reasons, none more than exercise and athletic activity. Because exercise is a form of increased metabolic stress it quickly causes depletion of glutamine in the body.  The rate of depletion depends on the intensity and length of exercise.

If glutamine levels fall too low, it can have extremely damaging effects on the body.  Sports supplements add glutamine in most of the time, but they also put sucralose, flavourants and other toxins in – so it’s best to always take Glutamine ON ITS OWN IN PURE FORM.  

Single-ingredient supplements can be measured and monitored, mixtures cannot (unless they are safely formulated).  Glutamine supplementation can ward off the damaging effects of oxidative and metabolic stress in the following ways:

·       Because glutamine is anti-catabolic, it reduces muscle breakdown

·       It’s helpful in athletes who are on calorie restricted diets as low calorie diets increase muscle breakdown (best to go low carb instead of low calorie)

·       It is helpful for fat-burning whether on a diet or an athlete

·       Great for weight loss and fat burning, it also builds muscle while burning fat

·       Glutamine is essential for glutathione production – the body’s primary antioxidant

·       L-Glutamine is a substrate for gluconeogenesis – crucial for restoring muscle glycogen stores

·       High levels of cortisol lower the body’s glutamine stores – cortisol is catabolic, therefore glutamine slows or prevents this process and spares your muscle

·       Shortens recovery time

·       Improves recovery after surgery and during chemo

Glutamine is one of those amazing amino acids which help with weight loss, prevent cravings of all kinds, reduce appetite and greatly help in the sports arena.  It seems to benefit almost everyone. Use a pure powder such as the Sally-Ann brand in our online store at – and it’s couriered right to your door!!


COLLAGEN is a powerful supplement for athletes and couch potatoes alike.  We strongly recommend the grass-fed, non-GMO Pure Hydrolysed Collagen we use – there are way too many inferior quality collagens around which will do nothing to help you and have loads of other awful ingredients added.  A non-GMO product fed on grass without hormones and antibiotics, which is 100% pure – offers you the best chance to heal your gut, joints, improve hair and nails, and prevent/smooth out wrinkles.  Best of all it keeps you young on the inside too.  A few of collagen’s many benefits when taken daily supports:

·       healthy connective tissue repair offers optimal mobility

·       healthy digestion and gut repair (ulcers, leaky gut, IBS, Crohns, etc)

·       growth and health of hair, skin and nails

·       cardiovascular health

·       repair and prevents breakdown of joint cartilage, tendons, ligaments


Lots more collagen can do for you – and when taken with Glutamine it is a wonderful way to heal the body and experience excellent wellbeing as well.  Get both from our online store.

Want to know more about collagen? Here you go!


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