Colds and Flu

Many studies have explored the relationship between taking Vitamin D3, Omega-3 fish oil and Vitamin C and the occurrence of colds and flu separately.

What was found with regards to Colds and Flu occurence is the following:



We’ve all been there (well if you are over 35 you probably have been), that horrible pain you get in your back, neck or sciatica, it’s not pleasant. So here are some thoughts on how you can address this.…

Gum Health

You’ve probably heard of bile, but did you know it’s a ‘secret’ to successful weight loss?

Before we get into that though, bile’s a greenish-yellow liquid produced by the liver and stored in the gallbladder and is released to assist digestion when you eat.


Rosacea is a really nasty skin disorder affecting the curves and features of the centre of the face. It is often called acne rosacea.

It’s generally characterised by one or more of the following:

• Light to heavy facial flushing (erythema) which can be transient or permanent
• Papules and pustules
• Telangiectasia – threadlike red lines or patterns that cross the face
• Rhinophyma – where the nose thickens and becomes bulbous

Women of 30-50 are most often victims of this condition, and find it frustrating and embarrassing to deal with for obvious reasons.…

Sunflower oil

I have written about Sunflower oil many times so here’s one more time. You won’t escape Sunflower oil if you live in the western world. It’s cheap, freely available and found in every restaurant (and sadly a lot of homes) but is it healthy?…

There is so much confusion today about fat but what we do know is fat is not the enemy.

Here are some GOOD fats you can use for different cooking methods:


Use heat-stable, saturated fats – animal fats which do not oxidise or get damaged by heat. …


Unfortunately although I have spent a full week working on this for you in great depth, to my absolute frustration when I ‘saved’ it – it disappeared – poof! I really can’t find it anywhere, sigh.…


This is a relatively common skin condition where patches of skin become thick and red, and you almost develop ‘scales’. It doesn’t often itch, it just looks awful, and it can occur anywhere on the body.…


I hear this so often.  The moment women go into either menopause or peri-menopause, the weight starts piling on and all the wheels come off.  Yes, it’s a hormonal problem, that’s pretty obvious, but what can you do about it? …

Of course the best way to avoid a hangover is either abstinence or avoid overdoing alcohol but if you are not going to ‘listen’ to this ‘wise advice’ then here are a few tips on how to avoid a hangover getting you “the day after the night before”.

Confused about the Omega's

Confused about Omega’s?

There is so much confusion about the ‘omegas’ so if you’re Confused about Omega’s – I’m hoping this short post will put it together for you in a nutshell. The only one you need to worry about essentially, is omega 3 and it needs to be from fish oil NOT flaxseed oil.…

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