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We have SO many messages and testimonies of people who have had amazing results with our Pure Hydrolysed Collagen regarding thyroid health and function.  

Glycine is the main protein building block in collagen and research shows most of us are deficient.…

How do I take this. 

People often ask us How do I take this? Our Sally-Ann Creed Products, directions for use and what can they be taken with are all below.

We have put together a comprehensive list of “How do I take this”.…


Speed up your healing – dump gluten and increase protein

Lack of essential and bioavailable proteins are a major contributing factor to persistent illness especially in those with gluten sensitivity. Protein is the main ingredient your body uses to build immune antibodies as well as heal inflamed structural tissues and muscles.…



Collagen is found throughout your body. It’s a structural element of bones, muscles, tendon, and ligaments in fact collagen and skin are always talked about together. This is because it’s a major component of your largest organ.


There are many facts surrounding collagen but below I have list of the top COLLAGEN FAST FACTS I could think of. The benefits of collagen are however endless but just too mention a few.…

Osteoporosis 3


If you think calcium is all you need for your bones, you’d be dead wrong.  Without Vitamins D3 and K2, vitamin C and Pure Hydrolysed Collagen. You will not build healthy bone after about 25 years of age. …

Various Collagen Products

Collagen declines with age, and for this reason research into collagen has exploded in the past few years.  I decided a some years ago to womble around and look at what’s available in the collagen line, and sadly I was flabbergasted at the additives and all I saw in the products on the shelves. 


When it comes to cellulite it helps to be male – only 10% of men have cellulite compared to >85% of women. Life’s not fair.  The reason is the connective tissue in men’s thighs.

Have you ever noticed a squiggly spider vein on your cheek, nose or thigh? It starts with one and then suddenly you have a few more. Most people will eventually get them somewhere on their body (typically on the legs).…

woman laughing

Did you know your chances of osteoarthritis is over 85% after the age of 70? You might be thinking “I’ve got a long way to go to 70!” but what you do NOW determines the health of your bones, cartilage and tendons later on.

Lots! Here are a few of many benefits:

  1. IMPROVES HEART HEALTH – Collagen gives your blood vessels the elasticity and integrity they need to effectively transport blood from your heart to the rest of your body.

Collagen Benefits are so vast not only can it help with joints, cramps, wrinkles and smoothing skin but it can do so much more as well!

You are worth the best – and I have found the BEST collagen on the planet (and the nicest tasting) –

here’s what my collagen can do for you:

  • Produce stronger, thicker hair & nails
  • Ensure healthy joints while rebuilding cartilage
  • Provides greater mobility and flexibility
  • Clear skin, helps eczema
  • Prevents wrinkles and smooths out existing ones
  • Detoxifies the liver
  • Supports the organs of the body
  • Improves arthritis.

After water, collagen is second most abundant ingredient in cartilage. It is the “glue” that holds the cartilage together, you can see why it helps arthritis and joints in general. Collagen is made up of mainly of the amino-acids glycine, proline, hydroxyproline and arginine, all of which help our body look younger, stay active and even help support the gut.


Benefits of super collagenT2 in a nutshell

– Supports a healthy gut

– Supports healthy skin elasticity

– Supports healthy skin hydration

– Supports healthy skin

– Supports joint comfort, flexibility and mobility

– Supports a healthy immune system

– Supports knee comfort and healthy function

– Supports healthy joint space

– Joint-health benefits reported as early as 3 weeks

– Supports key areas of joint health

– Supports joint comfort, flexibility and physical function

– Supports healthy joint function


Chondroitin Sulfate – HIGH in Super CollagenT2

– Supports joint comfort

– Supports joint health

– Supports healthy joint function


Hyaluronic Acid – HIGH in Super CollagenT2

– Supports a healthy gut

– Helps maintain healthy joint space

– Supports joint health

– Supports skin health


Find it here…/collagen-type-2-pure-hydroly…/


Chicken collagen (type 2) is very different to bovine collagen (type 1 & 3) – it is taken from the chicken sternum (breast) which is made up of pure collagen. No chickens are killed for collagen, just as no beef cattle are ever killed for their collagen – collagen is an industry which uses the vital parts of the animal which otherwise might be discarded, but which are very valuable.

This post is long overdue … I know this because I get the same question asked of me every day.

With the new interest in collagen and the dramatic testimonies coming from even just a very short time of using my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen or Gelatine, I’ll tell you how to take it.


I got SUCH a fabulous message from SD I HAVE to share it – so wonderful.

“Hi Sally-Ann. I just wanted to give some feedback regarding your Pure Hydrolysed Collagen.
I have suffered for over 5 years with lower back pain.…

Side Effects

I am still amazed every day by what my utterly amazing brand of Pure Hydrolysed Collagen I am bringing in is doing for me and for thousands of people around the country. It’s become so effective that many doctors are referring patients to this brand (which is the fastest growing brand of collagen in the country) but there ARE side effects!…


I get asked this every day – so I hope this is helpful. With the new interest in collagen and the dramatic testimonies coming from even just a very short time of using my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen I’ll tell you how to take it.…

Collagen Types 123

Collagen is Protein

Many people ask me what the difference is between the various types of collagen.  Certain types are better taken together as they occur in nature (type I & III as you’ll find in my Pure Hydrolysed Collagen), and it’s best to take Super CollagenT2 (type II) away from the Pure Hydrolysed Collagen because you will get much better results – they have different amino acid profiles.  …

How Collagen helps Weight Loss

How Collagen helps Weight Loss

My brand of Pure Hydrolysed Collagen is the most satiating protein powder I’ve found, and has helped a lot of people lose weight if the testimonials are anything to go by and in the last month I’ve dropped 2,5kg although I am not overweight by stepping up my intake.…

Collagen & Gelatine

Hydrolysed Collagen and Gelatine are similar but not the same thing. In the hydrolysed form collagen has been produced from gelatine. The proteins have been broken up into smaller ‘pieces’ making collagen way easier to absorb.…

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