The Wedding Dress Diet (WDD)

Let me start by saying that I am NOT in favour of fad diets, crash diets or anything that is unhealthy or extreme in any way, especially in the long term. However, there are those times in our lives when we absolutely have to lose a few kilos (and I stress a FEW, not 20!) to get into that important dress (like a wedding dress – hence the name of the diet) school reunion, photoshoot or special outfit for a function. JUST a few kilos would make all the difference to how the dress/suit fits, how you feel and to look your best for those all-important photos.

If this is you and you only have a FEW kilos to lose with very little time to do so then this should work for you. Do it for ONLY 7-10 days. [This plan is very different to the 31-Day Detox, Face Lift and Weight Loss Kickstart plan and the 63-Days to Optimum Health book.] Literally this is a quick fix and then you return to a healthy diet or follow the 63 Days plan hereafter.

In 7-10 days you could lose from 4-6kg (maybe more) but everyone is different – after which time you should return to a healthier diet than you were eating previously which caused you to put on weight in the first place – you’ll find an excellent healthy lifestyle in my latest book “63 Days to Optimum Health” and this could be followed for further healthy weight loss.

I thought the name of this diet would hit home with men and women alike because it’s a short-term “emergency” weight loss diet and it is for a LIMITED time only. A sort of “7-day boot camp diet” if you like. It will require hard work, a bit of denial – but is worth the effort.

Price: R150.00 

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• If you are pregnant, lactating or have any serious health conditions, please do NOT undertake this programme.
• If you are on any chronic medication, have a serious medical condition or have any mental illness. Do not do this or speak to your doctor first.
• Speak to your health care provider or medical practitioner first if you are in any doubt about anything at all.
• Please note this is not a vegan or vegetarian plan. It will entail eating animal protein and fats every day.



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Originally published on in 2019.

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