The miracle that is AV/AT

The research has shown the plant based compound andrographolide found in AV/AT has the following properties:

  • antimicrobial
  • anti-cancer/tumour
  • antiviral
  • anti-parasitic

AV/AT both prevents the spread as well as transmission of viruses to neighbouring cells. It does this by interfering with different cell signalling pathways. In addition to its medicinal value this plant also has fabulous nutritional value and can be used to improve quality of life.

AV/AT has been tested for its anti-inflammatory effects in various stressful conditions, such as ischaemia, pyrogenesis, arthritis, hepatic or neural toxicity, carcinoma, and oxidative stress. It really is remarkable. All these properties form the foundation for the use of this miraculous compound to restrain virus replication and virus-induced pathogenesis.

It is also a hepatoprotective (liver protection), antioxidant, powerful hypoglycaemic, and excellent regarding the management of the immune system and neoplastic diseases – all of which make andrographolide the “phyto-molecule of the hour”. Find it at



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Originally published on in 2020.