The 7-Day Fast Track to Weight Loss

Unfortunately although I have spent a full week working on this for you in great depth, to my absolute frustration when I ‘saved’ it – it disappeared – poof! I really can’t find it anywhere, sigh. So I simply don’t have the time to redo this in the detail I did before unfortunately. But this is the essence of the plan you can follow which will help you.

Many of you have lost 3-5kg already on the 3-day Facelift (thanks for your feedback!) so that’s wonderful. Now regarding this diet – it will come in TWO phases.

Phase 1 is FREE – I have given you the eating plan for the diet below.

Phase TWO will become available next week and there will be a charge for it if you would like to continue with this plan. You will lose very nicely on it if you stick to it.

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a free service, please don’t send in questions as I won’t have time to answer them – just do the best you can. I will answer Phase 2 questions for those who purchase the rest of the plan.

There are other resources too:

1. My new book 63 Days to Optimum Health is out later this month and will guide you through the maze of everything you need to know regarding whole foods, a healthy lifestyle and a separate eating plan (it is quite different to this one)
2. My book “The Low-Carb Creed” has an in-depth eating plan in depth for you to follow (different again) to lose weight and get healthier with food lists as well.
3. You can wait for a few days till Phase 2 is made available which will give you the next THREE weeks of this weight loss plan together with recipes too, specialized nutrients and tips and tricks for weight loss. It will be far more in depth.

I’ve used all this extremely successfully with patients over the years, and very quickly lose any weight I gain myself on holidays with this way of eating – so it’s a tried and tested plan. It’s best NOT to do the same thing all the time so I’ve mixed it up and made the next three weeks much more delicious and interesting! The first week is a very bland detox, but from week 2 it gets better and food lists will be provided too.

PHASE 1 of the DIET

Day 1

• Breakfast: Eggs (2-3) in coconut oil or real butter with rocket/spinach as a ‘bed’ for the eggs. Do not separate the eggs, use whole eggs
Lunch: Mincemeat patty (lamb, beef or pork or all three – make enough for 2 days) and salad (no bun). Use herbs and
Dinner: 2 Grilled/baked chicken thighs (skin on) with 1 cup steamed/sautéed green vegetables, melted butter as a sauce

Day 2

• Breakfast: 6 Chicken livers sautéed with butter, on 3 slices of tomato and lettuce
Lunch: Baked pink salmon, ½ avocado and green salad with lemon juice & olive oil
Dinner: Remaining (left over) meat patty from yesterday on cauliflower rice and a cup of green steamed veg.

Day 3

• Breakfast: Smoothie with coconut milk or homemade almond milk (NOT bought), 1-2 scoops Pure Hydrolysed Collagen, ¼ cup blueberries (can add Keto Sweet Zero too) whizzed up in a blender – nice and filling (recipe for almond milk under Recipes on my website
Lunch: 2-Egg omelet with crumbled bacon bits, a few mushrooms and ¼ avo, topped with fresh watercress or wilted spinach
Dinner: Grilled, baked or pan-fried salmon or yellowtail in butter with green beans or a green salad

Day 4

• Breakfast: Healthy sausage (no MSG) or left-over homemade meatballs (no gluten, MSG) and 1-egg omelet
Lunch: Tuna (fresh or from a tin in brine) with green salad and homemade Mayo (recipe on my website under Recipes)
Dinner: Grilled or roasted chicken thighs with 1 cup stir-fried or roasted vegetables

Day 5

• Breakfast: Good old eggs and bacon on steamed asparagus spears or fresh rocket
Lunch: Grilled, smoked or pan-fried fresh salmon in butter with watercress/lettuce and cherry tomatoes, can add extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice OR organic apple cider vinegar (must be in glass with ‘mother’ culture)
Dinner: Piece of rump/sirloin steak with fat on, with 1 cup freshly prepared vegetables and pan juices on the steak

Day 6

• Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on a slice of sautéed eggplant and a slice of fresh tomato
Lunch: Big mushrooms grilled with homemade Walnut & Rocket Pesto or Pumpkin Seed Pesto (recipes on my website under Recipes)
Dinner: 2 lamb chops, with the fat on and 1 cup green vegetables of your choice. Use pan juices as a sauce

Day 7

• Breakfast: Poached eggs on asparagus which has been wrapped in bacon and placed under the grill to crisp up – or just serve on steamed asparagus without the bacon
Lunch: Pork/lamb chops with broccoli, wilted spinach and ½ cup cauliflower mash
Dinner: Pink or Cape Salmon – pan fried in butter or baked in the oven, served with a green salad, olive oil and fresh lemon juice

Tips for this diet:

• Drink LOTS of water
• Take the recommended supplements below
• Don’t drink alcohol or smoke while on the diet
• Stick to the plan – if it’s not listed, don’t eat it
• Nothing out of a bottle or tin – this is all FRESH food cooked from scratch
• NO processed food
• NO dairy, grains, seed oils or margarine
• No sugar
• No fruit
• All food to be fresh and made by you from scratch
• You may use herbs, spices, salt and pepper
• Nothing out of a bottle, nothing you have not made yourself

Supplements suggested to speed up weight loss while on the diet:

These will significantly help you and  are all available from my online store here

Berberine Complex
Glutamine powder 1-3 teaspoons a day with water
Vitamin D3
Fish Oil (3g/day)
Milk Thistle
Magnesium Chelate Premium
• Don’t stop your Pure Hydrolysed Collagen daily – 1 scoop

Those who wish to buy the next 3 week plan – please watch the FB page where I’ll let you know when it’s up.




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Originally published on in 20219.