31 Days – Detox, Facelift & Weight Loss Kickstart Plan

Detox, Facelift & Weight Loss Kickstart Plan

This Detox, Facelift & weight loss Kickstart plan is designed to not only help you lose weight but to look good, improve your facial contours (no more puffiness!) get rid of excess water weight NOT lose muscle but lose body fat stores instead and greatly improve the state of your health. All at the same time. The aim is also to get you on the road to good health and STAY there. Start with the Three Day Food Facelift & Detox as it beautifully starts an effortless weight loss & beauty process for you going forward. From there move onto the entire programme.

After the 3-day programme, embark on the 7-Day Quick Start Plan after which there will be a further 3 week eating plan, making up a full 31 days (7 x 4 weeks = 28 days, plus the 3-day Facelift = 31 days). Most people have lost up to 7kg in the 10 day plan alone. You’ll detoxify nicely and also get yourself eating in a healthy manner while you to lose some weight. It will leave you feeling fabulous – your energy levels will soar, and your skin will radiate the way you feel inside. And, you won’t be hungry if you do it all properly.

There are THREE phases:

Phase 1 is the 3-day Food Facelift, Phase 2 is the Quickstart to Weight Loss and Phase 3 is the following 3 weeks of meal plans which should get you on the road for (hopefully) a long time. It’s something you can then mix and match and play around with, to keep the weight off.

Phase 1:

• Eliminates puffiness on the face and body
• Encourages weight loss
• Increases contours
• Promotes a firmer jaw line
• Offers better definition to the face
• Smoother skin
• Gives a glow and radiance to the skin
• Increases your energy
• Helps you lose unwanted belly fat and other weight

Phase 2:

Here follows a different eating plan – to continue weight loss safely, without hunger and to keep you nourished and feeling fantastic.

Phase 3:

A further three more weeks of healthy eating to keep it off. Each section has tips and tricks along the way to enhance your experience, together with supplements to help you.

Please note this is not for vegans, as there is a fair amount of animal protein needed.



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Originally published on https://www.facebook.com/SallyAnnCreedSA/ in 2019.