I am asked endlessly for immune boosting help – for change of season allergies and infections – to general immune boosting. So here’s the article I promised I’d write.

There are loads of course, but here are 5 important ones in order:
1. Vitamin C – TOP priority #1 – use Scorbi-Cee or Ester C daily (as much as possible)
2. Vitamin E – part of over 200 biochemical reactions in the body – critical to immunity
3. Vitamin D3 – crucial for a healthy immune system
4. Zinc – improves immunity and slows inflammation
5. Selenium – also a powerful immune modulator

FRESH food is always best – I must stress this! Not out of a box or packet
1. Garlic – anti-viral, antibacterial and antifungal, powerful immune stimulant and natural antibiotic
2. Broths – especially chicken broth – has powerful healing properties (just like mum said it did – and we all know mum’s never wrong)
3. Hot tea – seriously! Full of polyphenols and antioxidants (not with sugar & milk!)
4. Ginger – either as a tea or in food – powerful antimicrobial
5. Spices – especially turmeric, cinnamon and cayenne
6. Leafy greens – very powerful antioxidants and nutrients are present
7. Fresh animal protein – not the takeaway kind – builds and repairs the body
8. Healthy fats – not vegetable oils, but real butter, olive oil, lard – all good
9. Liver – one of nature’s secret remedies, has vitamin A needed for respiratory and skin health
10. Avocados – a good source of nutrition, decrease inflammation, immune modulators
11. Salmon – one of the best foods to eat for good health – full of healthy fats and nutrients
12. Fish oil – one of the most important anti-inflammatory, immune builders around
13. Water – make sure you are always well hydrated

Follow the above, of course. But add in natural antiviral AV/AT and AntiBioBotalical (natural antibiotic, with loads of vitamin C! Find these and all the above in my OFFICIAL online store here.